Aug 14

Living statues laugh

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Jul 14

Living Statues Borne – 21 April 2013

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Jun 14

Live statue scare prank in Dublin

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May 14

La Rambla – BarcelonaCityLive.tv

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Apr 14

Living Statues Maastricht 2013

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Mar 14

Most Amazing Human Statue in Madrid

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Feb 14

Human Statue (Street Performer in Manchester)

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Jan 14

Flash, the multimedia wonder Tool

Flash by Adobe is a wonder tool of multimedia platform that allows you to add videos, animations and other activities to your web pages. It has adorned other names such as SmartSketch Future Flash, Macromedia Flash and Future Flash in the past. It is also proclaimed as a Rich Internet Applications tool.

The web design of Flash is used to work with Vector and raster graphics to create animation for images, drawings and text. It also helps in streaming bidirectional video and audio. The flash software is powered by ActionScript, an object based language. The user input can be captured with keyboard, mouse, and microphone and even with a camera. Web designers find Flash very useful in enhancing the internet experience with the kind of interactions and animations they are able to generate with its use.

However critics have accused it of affecting the usability of website pages. Flash animations are very useful in the advertising field. Some of the new additions to the Flash web designs are Flex 3, Flash 10 and ActionScript 3.0 version. The cross-platform runtime environment, the AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) has also been released to build rich web applications with Flash. The files of Flash are in the format of ShockWave Flash or SWF in short and are represented by .swf extension. The flash video files have the extension of .flv and can be played with an .flv compatible player or a within the .swf files.

The Flash web design tools create vector graphics mainly. When these graphics are combined with program code they become compressed and become small. This is useful for streaming because they occupy less bandwidth compared to video clips or bitmaps. With the advantage of Flash watching streaming video has become relatively easy. Due to its small size viewers are able to receive a continuous flow of video even with slower internet connection.