4 Things to Include In Your Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen allows you to cook your meals outside, which is perfect for those warm summer months and cool spring evenings when you’d like to stay outside if possible. While you cook, the children can play under your watchful eye, and when everything is ready the family can enjoy the evening together with some fantastic food.

To create the perfect outdoor kitchen designs Topeka, however, you must remember to pay attention to all the details. Below we look at four things you need to include in this outdoor haven.

1: Outdoor Oven

Outdoor ovens are not traditionally electric, although there are some of those options modernly available. Brick ovens are a popular choice, as are those which run off gas. You don’t need anything extravagant. In fact, simple is often best.

2: Sanitary Workspace

You’ll need a prep area near your oven that you can work on. Wood is a popular choice, but that isn’t always sanitary. The best option is any type of stone. No matter what you choose, you’ll want to ensure there is some method of covering it up when you are finished so it stays protected. A tarp works if necessary, but a special cover (such as a plastic removable top) is preferred.

3: Adequate Seating

The seating for your outdoor kitchen can double as your patio furniture. The best tables to use are plastic, glass, or metal, as wood tends to warp when left in the elements. Ensure adequate seating for your immediate family, then add a minimum of two for possible guests.

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4: Cover

Wherever you place your outdoor kitchen you will want to ensure it has cover, both to protect the appliances located inside and to enable it’s use during summer rains. If your porch or other outdoor area is already covered, great! If not, investigate creating an additional section to the roof, or allocating another form of shelter.